…because life is sweet enough!

No matter what your dietary requirements, our range of delectable desserts will satisfy any sugar craving, without the guilty feelings afterwards.

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Our True Passion

Vegan?  We’ve got you covered with an extensive rage of delicious plant based products and many of them are also grain free and Keto friendly!

Coeliac?  Yep, you guys can enjoy every single one of our treats sans the gluten containing grains! We only produce Gluten Free goods so you don’t ever have to worry about cross contamination. Many of our stockists sell our packaged items which can promise a zero chance of “in store” contamination.

​Keto?  You guys are close to our heart! We designed this stuff for you. Many of our cakes contain less that 4g Net carbs making them perfect for a LCHF diet.

Diabetics?  Both, type 1’s and type 2’s have come to rely on The Sugarless Bakery to satisfy their sweet cravings with our sugarless, low carb treats.

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Bakery Door

We have now opened our wholesale “Bakery Door” to the public between the hours of 7:00am to 2pm on Wednesdays and 7:00am to 4pm on Thursdays & Fridays. We will have a variety if items differing from what our stockists provide – albeit, limited quantities. All private orders from our regular menu can be collected Monday to Friday by arrangement. 

Items will include our hand crafted Sugarless, vegan chocolate bars, gluten free cakes by the slice as well as other goodies we have created especially for our “walk in” customers. We also have eftpos available for convenient payment on the spot!

If you would like us to put together a “Goodie Box” on your behalf, just give us a call on 0477 779 136 to reserve a selection of Sugarless treats.

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