Our Difference

Fructose Friendly

Our cakes are ALL designed to be 

sugarless | gluten free

dairy free | low Fructose

“Did you know one little Medjool date contains around 4 teaspoons of sugar and about 65 calories?” 

At The Sugarless Bakery our primary focus is to produce a “sugarless treat”. The majority of our products are also low carb / keto and many are vegan. What’s more, we are focused on using only the highest quality ingredients in their “rawest” form, sourced from local suppliers whenever possible. We make our own chocolate on site and will only ever use free range eggs from plump, happy chickens.

Our Difference

You will never find a date or banana in our ingredients list, instead we opt for low fructose, nutrient dense wholefoods like pumpkin, nuts, coconut, lemon juice & berries combined with flavours from natural vanilla, cinnamon and cocoa resulting in a yummy, indulgent treat without all the nasties. Our sugarless products have zero added sugar and we don’t use artificial or even “natural sugar” such as agave or maple syrups, coconut nectar, rice malt syrup or honey in any of our products.

We choose to use 100% naturally occurring xylitol to add a hint of sweetness to our yummy cakes. Xylitol is a naturally occurring sugar alcohol derived from plants. At The Sugarless Bakery, we only use high quality GMO free, pharmaceutical grade  xylitol. The same stuff you find in your toothpaste… it’s actually good for your teeth! It has around 30% less calories than sugar and is very low in carbohydrates.

Our furry friends are unable to metabolise xylitol and it can be very harmful to them, so be sure to keep our yummy treats away away from any hungry doggies!

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